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Revised on 25 Nov 2008

mAAN is established as a loosely knit network of architectural researchers and specialists committed to study, preserve, and rehabilitate the modern architecture, townscape, and civil-engineering heritages in Asia. The preparatory meeting for the establishment of mAAN was held in Guangzhou on July 22, 2000. The organizational structure, agenda, and action plan are officially adopted in the mAAN 1st international conference in Macau, July 22-25, 2001.

For any ideas or questions, please contact us at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Organizational Structure:

The mAAN Macau Declaration:

Today, in Macau at the heart of the Mediterranean of Asia, we affirm Asia as a dynamic source of our identities and recognize the numerous experiences that we share with the rest of the world. Industrialization, urbanization, westernization, colonization, decolonization and nation-building-these phenomena have variously defined Asian modernism. Modern Asia has not developed in a vacuum but has evolved through sustained interactions with the West, which has had a constant presence in our collective consciousness. This shared experience of the world unites us as Asians. The history of dealing with the West, with our neighbours and with ourselves, is manifested in the myriad forms of our architecture. The history of modern architecture in Asia is the history of how Asians have become modern.

Modern architecture in Asia testifies to the creativity of our past generations and is the vital foundation of our future. Conserving these irreplaceable modern buildings and landscapes will ensure that they continue to have a meaningful presence in our everyday lives. mAAN will document and evaluate the innovative ideas, techniques and forms of modern architecture in Asia. We will select the cases suitable for conservation according to guidelines and standards that will be sensitive to the constraints and potentials of each locality and culture.

mAAN will maintain a pro-active presence in the public sphere. We wish to be in tune with and to inform public opinion, by reaching out to local policy-makers, NGO’s and international agencies. We will address the urgent need to sensitize architectural students and professionals to conservation issues, by involving them in our efforts. mAAN is committed to preserving the richness and complexity of modern Asian architecture, and to thus contributing to the diversity of global culture.

(Macau, 26 July 2001)