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This book is about those platform houses, which still exist in Medan, Indonesia.

It is organized into four chapters. In “Kehidupan-Life”, we focused on the lives of the people who live in these platform houses. In “Sejarah-History” we wrote about the history of platform house in order for the readers to look at it from wider perspective. In “Struktur yang Hidup-Living Structure” we attempted to point out that many of the platform houses in Medan were created as a synthesis of the cultural tradition of Murayu and modernization of the habitat, instead of a simple evolution from the ancient times. Simultaneously, the chapter addresses the problem of building maintenance of the platform house. Finally, in “Saran-Proposition” we are making a realistic manifesto in order to summarize this study… Read more
(Shin Muramatsu ARAC)

in Indonesian language
Japanese translation included 


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The first handbook of platform houses in Medan, Indonesia.