International Committee for Documentation and Conservation of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods of the Modern Movement VISIT
We should set a framework for understanding our modern heritage in Asia.
The first step is "Understanding Heritage."
This refers to a comprehensive survey of modern heritage to be conducted in each city. The purpose is to establish a quantitative and inclusive grasp of the city's built heritages, which will be the basic material for "Understanding Heritage." VISIT
UNESCO Bangkok promotes international co-operation, sets standards and disseminates information in the fields of education, natural sciences, social and human sciences, culture and communications in the Asia and Pacific region. The sectors at UNESCO Bangkok work together on special programmes relevant to the Asia and Pacific region and beyond. VISIT
round is co-edited by Yasushi Zenno (Tokyo/New York) and Jagan Shah (New Delhi) and published by Norihito Nakatani (Osaka). It will be the first of its kind, a journal that showcases the textual wisdom found in diverse architectural traditions of Asia, knowledge that has untill now been restricted to local circles of scholars and practitioners of each tradition. By publishing in English, round wishes to foster the sharing and discussion of such vital knowledge and practice across the national and linguistic boundaries that seperate the cultures of Asia. VISIT

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Executive Board Members: Eko Alvares Z, Ahmad Djuhara, Setiadi Sopandi, and Johannes Adiyanto VISIT

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