13.11.2014 Thu.
Getty Conservation Institute has organized a discussion panel of international experts, exploring the ways conservation of modern architecture is being addressed by professionals and organizations worldwide, in Los Angeles USA on December 4, 2012.
10.04.2011 Sun.
mAAN Mentok Tin City Design Workshop 2011:

This program is initiated by mAAN Indonesia for PT. Timah Tbk (the Indonesian state-owned tin mining company), in Bangka Island, Indonesia. The programs will include a mAAN design workshop (will be started by a 2-3 days survey/ research by invited experts) on July 2011 and a renovation project (starting immediately after the workshop). Our actual 'working contract' with the company should not exceed March 2012, but we are looking forward to establish some milestones for future immediate developments.
31.03.2011 Thu.
Seoul, Korea, 25-27 August 2011
For details go to the conference website:
31.03.2011 Thu.
mAAN2011 abstract submission deadline has been extended


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